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Supported Employment

in Middle Tennessee

Supported Employment in Middle Tennessee

When qualified employees and local businesses with open positions meet, everyone benefits. Our Supported Employment staff assist with job seeking, training, placement, and ongoing support. Each individual we serve can pursue employment, although not all are eligible through the Tennessee Vocational Rehabilitation.

Benefits of supported employment:

  • Side-by-side training of the individual until job is mastered to the employer’s standards
  • Building of natural supports within the workplace
  • Implementing job modifications and adaptations when necessary
  • Ongoing support to both the individual and the employer throughout employment
  • Greater independence
  • Increased motivation
  • Enhanced social interactions

Job Placement with Supported Employment

Pre-Placement Services

We understand the importance of placing the right person in the right job. Our Supported Employment program is tailored to fit the needs of each program participant by using a vocational assessment to discover the individual’s interests, strengths, and skills. We also provide:
  • Consultations with applicants
  • Job readiness skills instruction (resume building, help with job applications, interviewing preparation)
  • Social security consultation
  • Transportation training

Placement Services

Our staff meets with the individual, his/her family, and prospective employers to determine the best placement for each individual. Hours worked, establishment location, type of employment, and training are all decided on by the individual and their circle of support.
  • Assistance in creation and negotiation of jobs to meet the needs of employers and applicants.
  • Supervision for trial period to determine if a strong match has been made.

Types of Placements

  1. One-on-One: One individual per job coach
  2. Small Group: Up to three individuals per job coach

Employer Benefits

Businesses who employ individuals through our Supported Employment program receive qualified applicants that have been prepared with specific vocational training from their job coach, who will also accompany the employee to every shift.

Other benefits include:
  • Pre-screened applicants
  • Continuous support from PDI
  • Tax benefits
  • Workforce diversification
  • Making a difference in the lives of others