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Adult Community Programs

Integration Services

Integration services provide adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities the opportunity to spend their days in a safe environment that opens them up to new experiences and community interaction.

Program participants will acquire, retain, or improve on their skills to:

  • Reside in a community-based setting 
  • Participate in community activities and utilize community resources
  • Secure and maintain employment 
  • Engage in meaningful activities as defined by their circle of support 
    Day program services are available in Montgomery, Stewart, Giles, Hickman, Marshall, and Maury Counties.

    Community-Based Day Program

    Our community-based services provide individuals with the opportunity to take part in activities in an integrated, social setting with members of the community.  

    Activities include: 

    • Job exploration and skills enhancement 
    • Development of daily life skills 
    • Community interactions that help individuals attain personal success and gain pride, dignity, and independence.