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Private Pay Services

Community Integration Services

Community Integration Services are designed to meet the needs of persons supported who are looking for a place to spend their days in a safe environment conducive to exploration and experience.
Progressive Directions, Inc. offers facility-based and community-based day services in Montgomery, Stewart, Giles, Hickman, Marshall, and Maury Counties. The State of Tennessee requires that facility-based services be provided in a licensed day habilitation facility.

Day Services enable attendees to acquire, retain or improve skills necessary to reside in a community-based setting; to participate in community activities and utilize community resources; and to acquire and maintain employment. It is the constant goal of PDI to support those attending our programs to engage in meaningful activities as defined in conjunction with their circle of support.

What We Offer

Facility-Based Program:

Activities are geared toward providing training in personal care, providing supports to enhance the development of needed skills and/or providing vocational activities that are meaningful to the individual.

  • Developmental Services – Training in developing and maintaining life skills
  • Vocational Services – Training in self-help, socialization, work ethics and adaptive skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment 
  • Employment opportunities in the community.
Community-Based Program

Services enable individuals to take part in activities in an integrated setting with other community members. Activities include job exploration and skills enhancement, development of daily life skills as well as other meaningful day activities.

Private Pay Rates

Determination of pay rates is based on the level of need of the individual being supported.
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Personal Assistance

The Personal Assistant (PA) program provides direct care assistance that fosters independence and enhances the individual’s skills and abilities. PA’s work one-on-one with individuals in the home or community and strive to provide a helpful and empowering environment that encourages freedom in the community, as well as safety and security, allowing individuals to live the lives they choose.
  • Personal Assistant